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A consultant is someone who takes your watch away to tell you what time it is.
— Ed Finklestein
A MPCG consultant is someone who analyzes your watch, lets you know how to improve it’s functionality, and then makes those improvements for you.
— Us

About Us

Our Founding

Monarch Point Consulting Group (MPCG) began in 2014 when a team of former "Big-4" Management Consultants and other like-minded entrepreneurs decided to team up on freelance consulting work. Collectively providing a wide-range of consulting and technology services, the team soon realized that the need for their expertise was in high demand. Four years later in 2018, between client engagements, the MPCG brand was formed with the purpose of providing the most innovative solutions to strategy and operational issues in business. 

Our Mission

“To be the company known for helping people by improving their livelihood.“

We have a passion for helping people, and we put our passion into practice by helping improve people’s livelihood, job, work, employer, or business, whatever you want to call it. Let’s face it, when a person’s livelihood is running smoothly, their personal life often follows suit. That is why, every day we strive to positively influence everyone we interact with. We are more than a team of consultants that comes and goes when the work is done, we have a vested interest in all our partner’s and client’s long term success. We have and will continue to refuse to take on projects unless we know for certain we can produce measurable results and provide positive return on investment and leave a lasting positive impact on those we work with. We stand behind our work and will be relentless in making sure the goal is reached or the objective accomplished.


MPCG isn't just another management consulting company, we’re different. We were entrepreneurs before we became consultants, and have the firsthand experience building, growing, and refining businesses. On our client engagements, we utilize a combination of facilitative and expert approaches coupled with entrepreneurial spin on the traditional management consulting business model. This means that we are not confined by traditional industry norms and routinely make it a habit of breaking with consulting routines. In so doing, we emphasize the following values both in our company and with our clients:

  • Honorable- We put the client and their needs first, and provide ongoing support to ensure 100% satisfaction with our services.

  • Bespoke- We don’t have prepackaged or “canned” solutions, each client situation is unique and our solutions are completely bespoke.

  • Innovative- While imitation is the most sincere form of flattery, we prefer to blaze or own trail and help our clients do the same.

  • Realistic- Our work doesn’t end with a deliverable, if we can't implement our solutions we don't expect clients to be able to either.

  • Resourceful- We roll-our-sleeves-up and work resourcefully in order to deliver measurable results under the most demanding constraints.

  • Efficient- It's easier to turn a dinghy than a yacht, and our teams operate in a similar manner: light, lean, and fast.

  • Lean- We intentionally don't have multiple offices with thousands of employees, so we don’t pass those overhead costs onto our clients.

  • Adaptive- We are highly flexible with our clients and can accommodate different pricing and work arrangements to suit unique requirements.

  • Frugal- We squeeze every penny out of a dollar, passing on cost and time savings to our clients while maximizing and delivering value.

  • Communal- We welcome the opportunity to work with partner firms to deliver our clients a additional services that may be outside our expertise.

This is our key to success and our satisfied clients will attest to this methodology.

Need proof? Check out some examples of our past work: