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Client: Schmieding Logistics
Industry: Agriculture & Logistics
Services: Digital Transformation
Case: Schmieding was experiencing issues with a legacy software system and needed to find a replacement transportation management system (TMS) in order to better handle an increase in load volume, streamline internal operations and to better serve their customers. We began by conducting a gap analysis to better understand current issues and future requirements. Using the data from the gap analysis, we proceeded to review all possible TMS systems on the market that fit the system requirements through intensive market research before ultimately making our final recommendations. Once the recommendation was considered, we then worked with the TMS provider and multiple divisions within the Schmieding team to oversee the project management function of the new system implementation.
Results: The overall project, from gap analysis through final implementation was completed within a year’s time, well under the estimated timeframe, and the new TMS has helped to streamline internal operations by reducing error rates and system glitches, bu also daily load volume has increased to address the aforementioned growth goals.

“Monarch Point was a tremendous help in helping us digitally transform our organization. From the first stages of the gap analysis, to market research of possible solutions, through the final implementation of the respective software, their strategic planning and project management abilities made for a smooth transition in what would have otherwise been an overwhelming experience.”-Chris, CFO


Client: Perfect HQ
Industry: Technology
Services: Process Improvement
Case: Perfect needed assistance streamlining their internal operations to free up more time to better serve their growing client base. After a few weeks of analyzing their processes and procedures, we were able to document, recommend, and implement some practical and technological improvements that greatly enhanced the overall function of the company as a whole.
Results: Recommended a software that helped to consolidate multiple 3rd party software systems into one platform (saving hundreds of dollars of subscription fees in the process), speed up internal operations, and save approximately a hundred hours per year, equalling over $10,000 in missed billable hours.

“Working with MPCG has been a pleasure. Within the first week of collaboration, their tactical strategies uncovered critical areas of improvements within our business operations. Because of their contributions we were able to streamline and automate our business systems and shift our resources to areas of the business that produced greater ROI.  Their extensive industry experience with issues-based-problem-solving and business systems transformation was vital for my company both internally with my staff and externally with my clients.”-Mike, CEO


Client: Digital Elevator
Industry: Technology
Services: Project Management, Logistics
Case: Digital Elevator needed assistance in executing a specialized client project with a highly sensitive deadline and strict budget to follow. Always ready, willing, and able to help our clients in demanding environments, we quickly got to work scoping out the project, gathering the necessary materials & data, and got to work immediately to meet Digital Elevator’s upcoming deadlines.
Results: Project successfully completed within hours, saving time and budget for alternative initiatives.

“We worked with Monarch Point on a logistics project for a major client of ours. We forecasted the project would take one to two days and Monarch got it done in a few hours. This saved us a lot of time and money and helped us please the client. This is the kind of support you can get by working with Monarch; they care more about getting the job done right and building long-term relationships than sticking to some billable hour model and moving on to the next client.” -Dan, President & Founder

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Client: South Shore Construction Inc
Industry: Construction
Services: Marketing Strategy
Case: Following a management change over, we were contracted to help increase and improve the conversion rate of website traffic while promoting additional service offerings for the company. Following a discussion regarding certain constraints and long term goals, MPCG ultimately recommended implementing a digital media strategy, composed of paid search and direct advertising. After performing detailed analytics around the South Shore’s current metrics, we also performed additional analytical research, in addition to identifying key words that would maximize ad views. 
Results: (TBA)

"Monarch Point has helped us focus our marketing efforts in ways we never even considered. We've only just begun implementing their recommendations and the results speak for themselves." - Dana, Exec. Assistant

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Client: Non-Profit Organization
Industry: Technology
Services: Business Development, Financial Management, & Operations Improvement
Case: We worked with a Non-Profit that requested we assist in increasing cash flow and reducing costs, which led us to focusing on financial analysis and business development. We did a complete budget and financial statement review, which needed some extensive organization work. Working with the client’s accountant, we worked to reconcile the client’s financials to get a correct summary overview, which allowed us to identify abnormal spending and expenses. From there, we examined the operational processes by doing some essential process mapping to see if there were any possible improvements that might help in reducing time and expenses. Through this exercise, we were able to identify several more improvements that could be utilized. For the business development part, we began by becoming familiar with the goals and branding identity before we set in place a sales pitch to best communicate the value added for membership. We then worked alongside the client’s marketing department to deliver this message on all technical platforms.  
Results: Within 6 months, we grew memberships 500%, cut costs by 20%, and became cash flow positive for the first time in 2 years since the organizations founding.

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Client: Lifestyle Healthcare Startup
Industry: Healthcare Products
Services: Corporate Strategy & Business Coaching
Case: A healthcare product startup entrepreneur reached out to inquire about assisting him with making a major strategic decision on product placement that needed to be made within two days in order to clarify and present his pitch to potential investors. We then scheduled an hour discovery meeting on short notice to better understand his needs and background information in more detail. An hour meeting turned into three hours, and after obtaining all the requisite information, our team utilized one of our proprietary decision-making tools to walk the client through all options, before providing our own recommendation. 
Results: MPCG’s timely response helped the client finalize his decision, with qualitative and quantitative data to support that conclusion, while also saving time and money by doing this work in such a short timeframe. 

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Client: Bite Heist
Industry: Technology
Services: Financial Management & Capital Raising
Case: We assisted Bite Heist in compiling an advanced pro forma financial model in Microsoft Excel. The model was composed of a summary income statement, total startup costs, revenue/sales projections, and also included IRR calculations to showcase investors the potential returns that could be earned. The model was structured to allow the client to input different variables to easily run different future scenarios based off of the number of units sold and the differing growth rates that the client may witness over the next 5 years. 
Results: The model was highly praised by the client and when used in an investor pitch, the client inevitably succeeded in raising the required seed capital. 

"MPCG was able to help Bite Heist produce the financials and pro-forma's to position ourselves in the best possible light to angel investors. They helped us look into the future and see all possible outcomes before we had our first client, which helped us with our overall strategy." -Kyle, CEO

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Client: Classified Worldwide Consulting
Industry: Global Risk Consulting
Services: Intelligence Analysis & Business Development
Case: We assisted CWC with obtaining and analyzing raw data and intelligence from various sources about Cuba’s political, economic, and infrastructure situation to help sell their global risk advisory services regarding the benefits, risks, and considerations for US businesses looking to expand in the country. Besides obtaining and analyzing raw intel/data, other requirements of this project was utilizing our team’s Spanish language skills to translate this raw data into coherent and actionable briefing, and then compile all the information into a neatly organized deck for the CWC’s sales presentations.
Results:  Our deliverables and sales presentation recommendations were then implemented on the client’s pitches and website. 

“As the President of a global intelligence and analysis firm its critical we have trusted partners and resources that can assist us and our clients execute on highly sensitive and complex projects. MPCG has been one of those trusted partners, providing unmatched insight and expertise in some of the most challenging and fast-paced operational environments. Whether its Cuba or Guatemala I know MPGC has can tackle what we need effectively and discreetly." - Ross, President

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Client: Tangibol
Industry: Supply Chain/ Financial Services
Services: Financial Analysis & Marketing Strategy
Case: We assisted Tangibol with their investment memorandums that summarized the financial information for their investors. After our initial consultation, we got an idea of what information the client wanted in the memorandum and proceeded to completely redesign a financial model template to be more aesthetically pleasing and more organized. We later went on to assist the client with modeling 5 investment memorandums by inputting raw data from audited cash flow, income statements, and balance sheets and integrating key financial (profitability, liquidity, debt, and efficiency) ratios and a commentary based off our analysis to supplement the revised investment memo. 
Results: Tangibol was very pleased with how effective the template and analysis were for the memorandums, and requested future assistance on similar projects. 

“MPCG Helped us conduct a rigorous financial analysis to assess the profitability of a few projects we were considering investing in. MPCG’s impressive analytic capabilities, quick turnaround, and innovative insight were invaluable in helping us make our final decision. We highly recommend them for their professionalism attention to detail, and for exceeding expectations.” -Kevin, CEO

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Client: Outdoor Retailer
Industry: Outdoor Retail
Services: Business Development & Social Media Marketing
Case: A small family owned outdoor shop was looking to grow their client base. They already had well-defined operations in place but this client was concerned their marketing endeavors were not paying off by bringing in new business. Having tried television and radio advertisements with little success, we decided to take this client digital and take their lackluster social media platforms to a new level. 
Results: After implementing some customized strategies to suit their target market, we effectively tripled this client’s social media following within a month, subsequently driving up foot traffic by 15%, leading to a substanial increase in sales over the next three months. We also provided some coaching to the client’s sales staff on how to work on a consultative sales approach to avoid appearing too aggressive. The result was a stronger relationship-oriented business that encouraged customer loyalty and more referrals

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Client: Euro Trash
Industry: Apparel
Services: Business Plan Development & Go-to-Market Strategy
Case: An aspiring clothing designer with a passion and knowledge for European history and fashion wanted to build a clothing company based off these two interests. Despite having tons of experience with the former, the founder had little experience with business.
Results: We provided Eurotrash with a sound business plan from which to launch the business. We took great care organizing a budget and all pro-forma financial documents, and even created stylish invoices & receipts, stationary, and business cards so that all business aspects were in place to launch as soon as the company obtained their wholesale and retail license, which we also assisted with. 

"I don't know what I would have done without Monarch Point's help. Despite their sophisticated business acumen, they still treated me with respect and were always willing to share their knowledge throughout this whole project. Thank you! - Nichole, Founder

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Client:  Living Breads
Industry: Food Products
Services: Business Launch, Marketing Strategy, & Business Development
Case: A woman was interested in selling her family's bread recipe but had no business experience. We proceeded to help her put together a detailed business plan to get all her thoughts organized. Once we put the business plan together we helped her to go through the necessary business formation and branding for her company to put on her packaging and marketing material. Lastly, we signed on to help her with business development and take her product to a more wide-scale market in her hometown. Given the nature of this Living Bread’s ambitions, we decided to continue with the family tradition of social responsibility by giving one loaf of bread away per batch made to a local food bank.
Results: Our recommendations led the product to be an instant hit with the local community for both the taste and the traditional aspect of the client’s product, which doubled sales in under 2 months from 20 to around 40 per week.

"They helped me take a family recipe and turned it into an actual business in such a short amount of time! They really know what they're talking about and even helped grow my sales rapidly." - Angel, Founder & CEO